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Cloud initiatives have mushroomed across the enterprise as businesses recognize the inevitability of cloud computing in their quest for digital transformation. Enterprises are gradually shifting focus from incremental to transformational benefits.
We offer a set of services that provide application transformation and cloud-based services to our clients. It is an end-to-end framework for assessing, planning, and executing application migrations to cloud. It provides a structured approach with toolsets for modernizing applications, starting with customer-facing applications using modernization. By leveraging our strengths, we optimally manage applications on cloud through hybrid application management services and provide rapid development of cloud-native applications to address business needs. We guide clients in their cloud journey

Cloud Transformation: About


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Automate and secure your cloud migration

Our offering refreshes IT networks, hardware and storage systems without disrupting data / transaction processing. Our cloud migration services extend the lifetime of legacy investments while effecting a business transformation, including scalability, availability, security, performance, and cost reduction. Our Services team analyzes interdependence between integration points to ensure business continuity.


Align your enterprise cloud ecosystem with business requirements

Our team offers advisory services to enhance data centers and relocate applications for operational excellence. We help migrate applications as well as processes to a secure cloud environment. Our metrics-focused approach aligns the cloud delivery model and platform with the requirements of the business processes and application workloads. Our cloud transformation practice provides end-to-end services – design, deployment, testing, migration and training. We conduct discovery workshops to identify constraints in the legacy environment and prioritize migration of the workload based on benefits and risks.


Enhance the agility of your IT team

Our team provides managed services across platforms and models. We ensure the smooth functioning of IT applications and enterprise operations while continuously optimizing cloud services. Our artificial intelligence-driven self-healing processes and automation tools meet the technical and fiduciary requirements of enterprise workloads. Our comprehensive suite of managed services improves IT and network management, while providing visibility into costs.

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Integrate applications, databases, processes, and network resources

Our team offers Integration-as-a-Service, a managed services model for hybrid cloud integration projects. We create boundary-less businesses by securely integrating partners across the enterprise. Robust integration of SaaS / PaaS, on-premise applications, third-party gateways, and social media services drives business performance. Our cloud integration services enable seamless flow of data and transactions across systems in hybrid environments. We enhance the capability of hybrid cloud ecosystems by building API layers for business services and social media platforms.

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