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Achieve faster time to market and cost efficiencies with software development and sustenance services including game engineering

Whether you’re rushing to join the platform economy or looking to secure your next five years, there's a lot to do—and quickly.

First, you’re only as good as your ability to sustain your ecosystem. This means structuring for resilience, diversifying your network effects and creating new value to stifle competition and maintain customer relevance and loyalty.

Accelerating against disruption is difficult, but possible. Using insight-rich analytics and strategic implementation of software and APIs, we help companies identify and act upon opportunity and vulnerability. Whether it’s developing new products and services to scale into new markets or innovating around fertile technologies like location and commerce, we'll help you be the first to transform and the last to leave.

Our team brings its unique combination of product engineering, business processes and IT services expertise to address the most pressing needs of software vendors. We also provides Game Engineering, Art Work, Game Localization and Personalization, Verification and Platform Migration. Our focus is on evolving business models that achieve faster time to market and attain higher cost efficiencies

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Build modern multi-channel game experiences to surpass existing standards and generate exponential business value. The practice provides end-to-end engineering (console, social, mobile, web) for quick and stable releases. This includes re-platforming and migrating legacy titles to smartphones and tablets and integration with backend IT systems


Developers are one of the most valuable constituencies in business today, regardless of industry. A platform company's developer ecosystem can make or break its success. Companies that strive to stand out amongst the competition need to build a thriving developer ecosystem, which is committed to the platform's ongoing success. This requires a unique understanding of the value proposition that the platform offers developers. It also requires designing, launching, managing and optimizing scalable operations that can bring that value proposition to life.


With the advent of blockchain and open banking, platform companies are rapidly moving up in the fintech ecosystem. At the same time, services are evolving as consumers continually search for new products and services that better fit their needs: seamless, personalized and convenient. In the US alone, 49% of banking consumers, 52% of insurance consumers and 53% of wealth management consumers now say they’re willing to try non-traditional financial service providers. And with platform companies consistently ranked among the most-preferred alternatives, digital natives are ideally positioned to deliver competitive commerce solutions.

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