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We view Data as a catalyst for business transformation and enables this through our industry-focussed themes. These themes are underpinned by robust platforms and services that utilize the best-of-breed Big Data technologies across the data spectrum. Our distinct framework enables a holistic approach in addressing business transformation starting with process re-engineering through the insights layer and moving all the way down to the data and infrastructure layer.
Our approach has helped our clients across industries transform their businesses and gain significantly by leveraging the power of Big Data across their value chain.

Data Management: About


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Don't just manage data; learn from it

Data platforms are in urgent need of transformation or rationalization. If organizations don’t do this, valuable business intelligence will remain buried and inaccessible within the data. We help migrate your current database platform to a more modern stack which has support for analytics


Build an analytics driven enterprise to Monetize Data

Our Data Analytics team envisions an analytics-driven enterprise that delivers on its promises of industrialized and cutting-edge capabilities through a strategic approach for sustained Monetization. We believe that this holistic approach will create huge possibilities to drive new markets, new experiences that consumers value, greater efficiencies and even better risk management. Our team enables enterprises to convert data into strategic assets that trigger new/ enhanced products and services to create new revenue opportunities for business


Proactively and holistically monitor data platforms

We are witnessing changing enterprise data platform needs due to exponential growth in the size of data to be processed, the need for real-time data processing, data in various structures and formats, an amalgamation of traditional BI and big data systems. These phenomena demand a completely new enterprise platform which is scalable, dynamic, data formats agnostic, quick to deploy and extremely cost efficient for the build as well as operations. Our Analytics team caters to this need via a focused Data Operations offering. An automation and innovation-driven approach will bring radical improvement to the way platforms are designed, built and supported

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Gain insight into your data

In today’s connected world, to differentiate and compete, leading organizations are generating opportunities by leveraging cutting-edge analytics. Regardless of where you are in your data and analytics journey, we can partner with you to help you derive this value from your data at an industrialized scale with ensured adoption. Through technology and consulting, we ensure the adoption of scientific decision- making across the enterprise, rather than in pockets / silos

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