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Field Inspections are the eyes and ears of business on the ground. Most industries conduct field inspections at various stages during their business lifecycle. Starting from project feasibility through project progress audits till final compliance inspections, field engineers play an important part in ensuring project’s success. Currently most field inspectors work with paper or digitally isolated survey forms. We see a need for better utilization of field force, improvement of data accuracy and ensuring value to end clients.
Our offering streamlines field inspections with intelligent forms configured by business users and distributed to field engineers. Field engineers sync the inspection data in real time with geo tagged multimedia and recommendations. Rich analytics on the inspection data makes interpretation of subject matter easy; now be it your environmental inspections, project status reports or audits, pre-underwriting or claims inspections - all the analysis is available on a click

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Integrate your inspection needs

Our offering is designed to meet the secure, scalable and integrated inspection needs of all kind of organizations – from regional, small & medium businesses to large global enterprises. We can develop features to meet the field inspection digitization and automation requirements of all industries and all types of inspections.


Make sure you are adhering to the rules

Field support personnel are required to be in compliance of many regulations. We can develop apps that can make sure that they follow checklists of rules. We can also track the location and duration of time spent at each location and the activities performed by the field support engineers.


Ensure your service levels are met

In many industries, it is paramount to adhere to the SLAs signed with your customer base. Our team can design apps that track the custom SLAs you have signed with your customers and provide checks and balances to make sure that they are followed. The app can pro-actively inform you if there any lapses in the SLA. We can also design analytics and AI to inform you ahead of time if there are any risks to the SLA

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Listen to your customers

Our team can design on-line and off-line surveys that can be used by your field support personnel to pro-actively get feedback from your customers. This information can be then run through our backend analytics platform to obtain market intelligence.

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