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Amiti Software Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Offshore IT Services company specializing in providing dedicated offshore software solutions to corporations all over the globe. Our core competencies are in leveraging our deep technical, management and process skills to tailor and execute customized offshore software development strategies for global corporations of any size.

Amiti's portfolio of services encompass Offshore Staffing, Offshore Professional Services and Offshore Office Setup. Our unique value proposition lies in customising our services towards deriving long term value for our clients by setting up appropriate offshore solutions and changing them according to shifting business conditions.


Offshore Staffing

We provide offshore staffing services to suit the client's specific requirements. Our strong skills are in project management and structured development methodology. So whatever the technology platform, we will channel our management skills to hire, train and put employees to work in record time. We provide a risk-free offshore staffing methodology by which clients can hire one person at a time and choose to expand later. As an extension of this service, we also provide a Build-Operate-Transfer service by which resources (both human and material) serving a particular client will be transferred to a dedicated offshore office as listed below.

Offshore Professional Services

We offer consulting services to assist clients in their IT cycle. We work with clients to tailor a specific offshore methodology to suit their particular needs and support them in an ongoing basis on monitoring and enhancing the process.

Offshore Office Setup

We help clients in setting up their own offshore development center, which will function as an offshore arm of the parent company. We offer our expertise in setting up, getting up to speed, hiring and managing the infrastructure while the client will provide the management and vision.


Amiti was founded in June 2003 as a private limited company. We are building an excellent reputation for delivering results oriented towards increasing the efficiency of our clients. We guide our clients in choosing their offshore strategy and execute them according to the agreed upon plan.